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Vancouver Food Photography

Photographing a delectable platter of food may sound easy, but in reality its not. This is a highly skilled area that requires a lot of persistence, keen eye and endurance. As it is all about transforming an average food shot into a compelling one. Research claims that exposure to beautiful food pictures of a succulent mean increases, our crave for the food. Our services are not just restraint to real estate photography rather we also offer food photography. Are you a food lover and enthusiast? Then Emerald photos is here to serve you. If you are planning to make food blog , design a book recipe of your own, opening up your own restaurant/café and planning to design a menu card then we are proud to offer our food photography services. Our food photographers are focused and provide a great emphasis on the smallest details. With our advance equipment we promise you to bring high resolution images. More detailed the images the better colored schemes, textures and layers. Emerald photos will utilize neutral colors, various linens, simple backdrops to provide a great background to the photos. Our High color grading and perfect zoom in and out effect will highlight slightest details of your food to make your clients go wow. With us you will find a team of professional that will capture the perfect angle to make your cuisine or product look more mouth watering and tempting. We are aware that a high resolution picture of a food item can do wonders thereby Emerald photos not just capture it from a 360 angle but tilted and plain photography of your relevant item too. Through our food photography services you will be able to target your potential audience.

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